The Kashalot

The Kashalot class submarine, also known as Project 1910 and by the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as the Uniform class submarine, is a class of research and special operations submarine constructed by the Soviet Union during the late 1970s and early 1980s.
Two boats of the class were constructed, AS-13 and AS-15, with the first boat of the class being laid down in 1977 and commissioned in 1986, the second being laid down in 1983 but not commissioned until 1991. A third class boat, AS-12, reached the fitting-out stage before being cancelled in 1998.
Displacing 1,580 tons submerged, the Kashalot class was constructed using a single titanium hull design, and is powered by a nuclear reactor; they were the first Soviet nuclear-powered submarines to have a single hull.[1] The boats each have a crew of 36 officers and men.
Length - 69 m, Beam - 7 m, Displacement (tons): - 1390 surfaced; - 2000 submerged, Speed (knots): - 10 surfaced; - 30 submerged.
Diving depth - 700 m, Equipage - 36. Armament absent.

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