Carrier of divers of the “Siren”

Carrier of divers of the “Siren” – soviet midget submarine torpedo-shaped, vehicle divers scouts, designed for covert delivery, drop-off and return back, as well as the implementation of submarine patrols, search and destruction of underwater saboteurs enemy underwater objects and ship hulls/ can be used as a surface ships and bots, and from submarine torpedo tubes.
Developer according to the terms of reference for the development of two-seater submersible transport divers scouts “Siren”. Prototype sample of the product was completed in July 1958. State test “Sirens” held in December 1959 on the basis of the 31 st Scientific Navy test center in Feodosia. Since 1960, the tug was transferred to production. After identifying and addressing and a number of shortcomings, March 29, 1965 the carrier “Siren - 1” was adopted by the special units of the Navy.
Since 1960, work was done to create advanced devices “Siren-UT” (with the engine, which operated) and “Siren-PU” (with electric motor). Work on “Siren-UT” were dismantled and “Siren-RE” with removable container which has received cipher “Siren-U” – has received a positive opinion. Tests of “Sirens” were conducted during 1963-1966 years on the basis of 6th MCI Black Sea Fleet in the region of Odessa and Ochakov. “Siren-U” was adopted by the special units of the Navy in 1967.
During 1972-1976 were carried out to upgrade the carrier to reduce its noise, improve operational performance and terms of service of the crew. The result is a tug “Siren-UM” with improved performance characteristics, which has become the main carrier of divers scouts special-purpose Soviet Navy. Underwater means the movement of this type continue to be in service with the Russian Navy, the Navy Azerbaijan and the Navy Ukraine.


Length (with container) – 69 m, Diameter – 0.532 m, displacement (tons): - 0.46, speed (knots): - 2-4, diving depth – 40 m, Equipage – 2.