Soviet light attack aircraft Ut-1B

Significant losses of aviation equipment in the first months of the war led to the adaptation of peaceful machines to the needs of front. Similar alteration underwent UT-1 of Sevastopol aviation group at the end of 1941. Armament UT-1B consisted of two machine guns SHKAS and four beams to RS-82.

  Project weapons UT-1B was developed boss of design bureau stationary aviations shop (AMU) VMAU them. Stalin's, military technician first rank N.A. Rozhneva and technician-designer second-rank, military technician G.O. Kryachenko under the control of older engineer CAM, first rank military technician N.F. Romanenko. In December 1941 they ending the necessary calculations, in January - working drawings and starting aircraft equipment. In early February 1942 the first four UT-1B were transferred to the 23rd up. Total 32 aircraft were converted. Aircraft mostly used as night light attack aircraft.

     Despite complicate piloting technique, excellent performance, the designer incorporated in this car stood out even more clearly when it is used as a light attack aircraft overnight. UT-1B does not require special machines for maintenance. Small size aircraft simplifies and speeds up the disguise. Reliable motor and driven system worked flawlessly in the mountainous terrain and the sea, allowing you to perform repeatedly up to five departures overnight. High maneuverability afforded the opportunity to quickly leave the spotlights rays when fighting in the area of anti-aircraft fire.