The Lavochkin La-9 (NATO reporting name Fritz)

The Lavochkin La-9 (NATO reporting name Fritz) was a Soviet fighter aircraft produced shortly after World War II. It was a piston engined aircraft produced at the start of the jet age.
This fighter had all-metal construction and a laminar flow wing. Weight savings due to elimination of wood from the airframe allowed for greatly improved fuel capacity and four-cannon armament. The new fighter, officially designated La-9, entered production in August 1946. A total of 1,559 aircraft were built by the end of production in 1948.
A handful of others remain in museums in China, Korea and one in Romania.
Length - 8625 mm, Wingspan - 9800 mm, Height - 3560 mm; Weight - 3676 kg; Speed max. - 690 km/h; Range - 1735 km; Rate of climb - 1064 m/min.; Ceiling - 10800 m; Engine - АSh-82FN; Armament - 4 х 23 mm guns NS-23